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Start Living Smarter and Reap Benefits Later

Posted on: January 17, 2009

With the US having an economic recession, global financial crisis is now arachelbc1543086d5cd832 universal problem. We cannot do anything to stop it, because obviously it is too late for that, the effects are unavoidable but we can do something to cushion ourselves from the direct hit.

Take a chance on Living Frugal.

Yes and honestly I am one of those persons who raised an eyebrow when hearing the word “Frugal”. It is because I visualized frugal living as dumpster dives and recycled dryer lint living or a life of deprivation; deprivation of the “good things” that I am enjoying. But that is exaggeration; frugal living is to cut down unnecessary spending.

Frugal living is about living smarter – so you can afford to live the life you want to live – the life that you dream of living. It is a conscious decision to take control of your spending; it is an effort to save money.

I started by putting a frugal budget in place. If I really wanted to buy something, I ask myself if it would be necessary. And I eat out less, instead I cook my own meal. After I took the first step the rest is just a piece of cake.

Now I know I made the right decision. You can make it too.

Here are some tips on how to live frugal:

rachel2097df5f71cfeba6You can start by taking charge of your money.

Let it work for you. Know where you stand on your debt repayments, saving goals, retirement plans, insurance policies and investments. Take action on keeping that stand in place.

Harness your creativity and keep every penny you can inside your purse. Instead of paying someone to do things for you, if you can do it, then do it yourself.

STRETCH your MONEY as far as it goes.

Get the best price for everything you buy; Shop on yard sale and thrift stores. Avoid going to supermarkets without a list of items to avoid picking items you don’t really need. Use rebates and grocery coupons. Most importantly know when to STOP shopping: ALWAYS STICK TO YOUR BUDGET.

Do you want a secure retirement plan? Want to pay off all of your debts? Fund your child’s education? Enjoy the security of a fat bank account? Or Travel the world? You can make it happen ; use FRUGALITY to make it happen.

A dollar saved here and a few dollars invested there does not translate into a life of deprivation; it translates into possibilities.


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