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Just Another Sad Love Story

Posted on: January 8, 2009

brokenheartedblogthumbnailaspx1The glory of 5 long years of a happy relationship had gone to waste by a single night of lust. I saw myself swirling down the drain. Everything I believed in our relationship have turned into a big question mark. There are many questions in my head, Was it a happy relationship or Was I the only one happy in our relationship? Was he happy with me? Have I love him less? Too much maybe? Or Was I really am a bad lover for him to seek another woman? until now they are all unanswered. I have decided to finally let go of my anger and hatred for the same person who I cherished and yes,I still love. I felt better but all that was left of me was … emptiness. The things we used to do together; now I have to do it alone. Everyday, everything I make just reminds me of him. He is gone and though I want it that way, I miss him terribly. I have known to live my life with him around me. How can I possibly go on with my life without the things that I’m so familiar of? I am scared. Scared of tomorrow because I know that it will just be the same as today; lonely, confused, painful and empty. Once I believed that fairy tales can possibly exist now I know better.

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4 Responses to "Just Another Sad Love Story"

My dear girl,
I know the pain that you feel! The rejection, loss, hurt, and worse- the emptiness. That which made life exciting is now gone. But the truth is, no relationship can truly fill you up because you were meant to be filled with God’s love first. I feel compelled to tell you of a friend who will never leave you or forsake you. His name is Jesus. He knows rejection, and He knows your pain.

I’m sorry you’ve had to suffer. But perhaps this is God’s tender love showing you the way to true happiness in Him.
For God so loved YOU that He gave His only Son to die, so that if you believe in Him, you will have a hope that extends beyond just this world- and into the next. (John 3:16)

God’s love is true, rich and never wavers.

Let me know if I can ever be any help-
Christa Taylor

The pain that you’re feeling right now will not lasts long Rachel… for sure you can find someone better than him… same as you, I already experienced that pain but didn’t lasts long… someone showed me love and I am very happy about it… Happy that someone loved me unconditionally… Just always pray!

sorry to hear about your relationship. 5 years is quite long enough. but as the comment above says, you can still find someone better than him.

i’m also in a long running relationship and you know, i maybe saying that you can still find someone better, deep inside of me, i cannot say it to myself.

i never thought i would like you this much. ever since i saw you i already liked you. Knowing you more makes me like you even more. You’re smart pretty, and sexy. You are a special woman. Don’t bother sending me an email. the email is fake anyway.

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