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8.2teenagerCervical Cancer is the second most common cancer found in women after breast cancer. According to World Health Organization (WHO) 510,000 cases of cervical cancer are reported each year and more than 4,000 women died from the disease annually.

The primary cause of cervical cancer is Humanpapillomavirus (HPV) which is commonly transmitted through sexual intercourse, however sexual contact is not only limited in penetrative sex, it also include direct skin contact involving the genitals.

What makes  cervical cancer alarming is its symptoms usually appear when the cancer is more advanced making drug treatment impossible. If diagnosed in the earliest pre-cancerous stage, cancer cells can be dealt using either freezing or heating to scour the cells from the cervix but if the cancer cells have already spread, it may lead to the removal of the entire womb including the cervix.

Prevention cervical-cancer-vaccine-program_64

Thanks to the advancement of technology,  researchers found a way to  prevent  Cervical Cancer. They have created a vaccine known as Gardasil Vaccine that can protect women from HPV.

It is the first vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designed to prevent cancer. The vaccine blocks cancer causing HPV 16 and 18 and stops cervical cancer even before the first stage of cancer can begin. It also blocks HPV 6 and 11 which are not associated with cervical cancer but can cause genital warts and Pap test abnormalities.

Gardasil Vaccine is given in a series of three injections over a six month period. The second dose is given two months after the first injection and followed four moths later by the third dose.

It  is given in three doses because researchers observed that antibody levels in women continued to go up with each injection. High antibody levels results to maximum HPV protection for the longest time.

The vaccine is recommended for girls as young as the age of 9 to activate the girl’s immune system before she is likely to encounter HPV and allow the girl’s body to produce higher level of antibodies. With this development, Gardasil Vaccine is the latest addition to the official childhood immunization schedule.

It also works effectively in  sexually active young women who are or are not infected with HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18. Some experts even  encourage women to review their sexual history with their doctors to see if there is a reasonable chance of benefiting from the vaccine.

Clinical trials proved that cervical cancer vaccine is remarkably safe. However it is advised that women and girls should remain seated for 15 minutes after the injection to reduce the risk of fainting or an allergic reaction.

Find out more about the new vaccine and protect yourself from cervical cancer. Visit your doctor today.


thumbnailaspx1When I thought that there was no hope for me and that my life is crashing and I can’t stop myself from falling apart, an angel picked the broken pieces of my life and pasted them back so I can be whole again.

For a moment, when I was with my arc angel, I felt myself again; I laugh so loud and felt it in my soul. He does not talk that much but when he does he made my world stop and forget everything else around us. We talked and laughed for hours and every time he touched my hand, I felt safe and loved. Meeting him was the most beautiful and amazing moment of my life.

However, I ended it and left him. If only I have the courage to stay with him, if only I am not too weak to fight for my own happiness, if and only if things were different, I will stay with him and fly with him wherever he goes and my mortal feet will never touch earth again without him.

To my arc angel:
Thank you for making me whole again, for making me feel important and loved. I will be forever grateful for the things that you have shown me. My only regret was to hurt an innocent person on my way to self-recovery.

I will always treasure the times we were together because those are my real and truly happy memories.


Fly high arc angel. I wish you happiness and true love. Thank you and goodbye.

With the US having an economic recession, global financial crisis is now arachelbc1543086d5cd832 universal problem. We cannot do anything to stop it, because obviously it is too late for that, the effects are unavoidable but we can do something to cushion ourselves from the direct hit.

Take a chance on Living Frugal.

Yes and honestly I am one of those persons who raised an eyebrow when hearing the word “Frugal”. It is because I visualized frugal living as dumpster dives and recycled dryer lint living or a life of deprivation; deprivation of the “good things” that I am enjoying. But that is exaggeration; frugal living is to cut down unnecessary spending.

Frugal living is about living smarter – so you can afford to live the life you want to live – the life that you dream of living. It is a conscious decision to take control of your spending; it is an effort to save money.

I started by putting a frugal budget in place. If I really wanted to buy something, I ask myself if it would be necessary. And I eat out less, instead I cook my own meal. After I took the first step the rest is just a piece of cake.

Now I know I made the right decision. You can make it too.

Here are some tips on how to live frugal:

rachel2097df5f71cfeba6You can start by taking charge of your money.

Let it work for you. Know where you stand on your debt repayments, saving goals, retirement plans, insurance policies and investments. Take action on keeping that stand in place.

Harness your creativity and keep every penny you can inside your purse. Instead of paying someone to do things for you, if you can do it, then do it yourself.

STRETCH your MONEY as far as it goes.

Get the best price for everything you buy; Shop on yard sale and thrift stores. Avoid going to supermarkets without a list of items to avoid picking items you don’t really need. Use rebates and grocery coupons. Most importantly know when to STOP shopping: ALWAYS STICK TO YOUR BUDGET.

Do you want a secure retirement plan? Want to pay off all of your debts? Fund your child’s education? Enjoy the security of a fat bank account? Or Travel the world? You can make it happen ; use FRUGALITY to make it happen.

A dollar saved here and a few dollars invested there does not translate into a life of deprivation; it translates into possibilities.


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Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines – More than 6,180 families evacuated in

Residents find their way through waist-deep flood water on a national high-way road at barangay lapasan

Residents find their way through waist-deep flood water on a national high-way road at barangay lapasan

Cagayan de Oro City last January 3, 2009 after the flashfloods trapped them in their homes. Everybody thought that the worst is over. Then on January 11, 2009 heavier downpour had set people in this city again to panic. As raging waters are rushing from every where flooding every streets it hits. Destroying anything in its way claiming more lives and caused many casualties.

This was whats left of a concrete house after raging flashflood waters washed it from where it stands

This was whats left of a concrete house after raging flashflood waters washed it from where it stands

Based on Regional Disaster Coordinating Council (RDCC – 10) report more than 6,180 families were affected by flashflood that wrecked havoc on in Cagayan de Oro City. The flashfloods left at least 230 totally damaged houses and 552 and more partially – damaged houses.

Affected barangays are Gusa; Consolacion; Macasandig; Tablon; Carmen; Balulang; Taguanao, Indahag; Tibasak, Kauswagan; Barangay 6, Lapasan, Barangay 7; Barangay 13; Barangay 15 and Barangay 17. Some of these barangays are still inaccessible.

Residents on affected barangays said that they were all caught by surprise as water rose suddenly to higher level. Some have managed to salvage important things before evacuating while other families leave their houses fleeing from the raging flashflood waters saving only their lives.

Terrazo Restaurant at Lapasan National Road

Terrazo Restaurant at Lapasan National Road

MPSC now known as Mindanao University of Science and Technology was covered with deep flashflood waters which almost leveled to the Uni's entrance gate

MPSC now known as Mindanao University of Science and Technology was covered with deep flashflood waters which almost leveled to the Uni's entrance gate

“This is the worst flooding the city and province experienced for the first time after 30 years. The water’s current is so strong and things happen so fast. The people could not believe the water could rise so quickly,” Rowena Balino, WV program manager in Mindanao, said.

“This is so sudden and we are still expecting the water to rise on Saturday afternoon. We are closely monitoring the residents especially on Isla de Oro and Isla Bacsan,” said Criselda Joson, Cagayan de Oro City Administrator. The two Islets were located across barangay Carmen and Barangays Kauswagan and Consolalacion, respectively.

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lose weight

cagayan de oro flashflood

Gone are the days of see-through tops and dresses that screams “ look at me!” From feather to fur, sky-crapper to bohemian boots run your eyes over the tight pieces, layers and much sought after delicate feminine draping that hit fashion runways this 2009!


Sheer Fashion

Sheer Fabric is back as the hottest 2009 fashion trend. Sheer is a semi-transparent and flimsy cloth usually thin knit fabrics. This year sheer fabrics are used in multitude ways like tight sheer pieces complementing your body’s enticing curves while layered sheer dresses expose your sexy legs and sheer long dresses drape your body delicately. You can also pair Sheer tops and dresses, skirts and pants with modest bloomers or boy-shorts to keep an elegant look.

Tartan and Plaid Look plaidfallwinter20082009

It is time of the classic comeback, rather than the traditional red tartans, plaid embraces a palate of muted grays, greens, blues and browns plaid patter on anything from jackets to skirts, blouses, tights and even stockings! You can wear this in interesting variations of check patterns and plaids. If you want to play it safe stick to the single plaid pieces outfit, if you are more daring, you can try different pieces in mix-matching plaid and tartan patterns.

Body Hugging Single Shouldered dressesone_shoulder_50

Single Shouldered Dresses often emphasize a girl’s best fashion accessory – the legs, shoulders and body curves – which looks equally sensual if you indulge in both backless and one shoulder dresses. Showing off one shoulder in a dress can be subtly sexy and interesting on the eye.

Military Trendmilitary_100px1

It is referred to a cousin of the Bohemian luxe trend. The military jacket strikes back in 2009 as the winter wardrobe staple. Whether feminished, rocked up or worn with sexy androgyny, it is always a winner! For the ultimate rock chick appearance, skinny pants or shiny leggings with killer heels are the perfect accompaniment. For a sleek and feminine look you can play the mighty jacket paired with a floor length feathered gown. It is impractical but is absolutely works.

Grecian Dresses Trend (From the Goddesses Perspective)rgreciandresses2009

Fashion definitely repeats itself so don’t be surprised to find out Roman and Grecian inspired clothing are back on the runways. These dresses are the new breed of draping Grecian Goddess dresses. You can pair a casual Grecian dress with flat, buckled sandals or lush flowing gowns paired with strappy heeled shoes and team it up with some exotic statement jewelry. It is surely one of the key looks that any woman should indulge in.


Ripped jeans and worn denims are back!

boyfriendjeanstrend1 Boyfriend jeans are also hitting the trend this year. Just turn the bottom of the jeans just above the ankle and consider the tops that you wear with it. The some trends of 2008 are not going away soon. Metallic and bold colored tops and dresses are still in. Shades of lavender tops and dresses are also making statement in this years fashion trends.

This blog only points out the fashion trend for this year, but it does not mean that you wear dresses just because they look good on others. Put in mind that every girl or woman has a unique sexiness that carries your own elegant signature. The key to look fashionable, sleek and totally stands-out from the crowd  is to find that sexiness. Don’t be afraid to show your own fashion statement, so what if you break few fashion rules, go on BE YOURSELF and wear dresses that bring out your inner glow – now that’s what true sexy means.

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brokenheartedblogthumbnailaspx1The glory of 5 long years of a happy relationship had gone to waste by a single night of lust. I saw myself swirling down the drain. Everything I believed in our relationship have turned into a big question mark. There are many questions in my head, Was it a happy relationship or Was I the only one happy in our relationship? Was he happy with me? Have I love him less? Too much maybe? Or Was I really am a bad lover for him to seek another woman? until now they are all unanswered. I have decided to finally let go of my anger and hatred for the same person who I cherished and yes,I still love. I felt better but all that was left of me was … emptiness. The things we used to do together; now I have to do it alone. Everyday, everything I make just reminds me of him. He is gone and though I want it that way, I miss him terribly. I have known to live my life with him around me. How can I possibly go on with my life without the things that I’m so familiar of? I am scared. Scared of tomorrow because I know that it will just be the same as today; lonely, confused, painful and empty. Once I believed that fairy tales can possibly exist now I know better.

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